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Q:Verify the existence of diglossia situation in Tanzania . Give eight points with relevant example .

Diglossia is the situation where by two language exist side by side while one language enjoy the high status and favourable conditions than the other language . In Tanzania English enjoy high status than Kiswahili .

1 . In mass media

For example Newspaper such as The Guardian , Citizen use English while Nipashe , Mwananchi , Mtanzania use Kiswahili .

2 . In Judicial matters

For instance English is used in High court but also all documentation are recorded by English but Kiswahili is mainly used in primary court .

3 . In Education

When Kiswahili is used as medium of instructions in primary school and colleges but English is used as medium of instruction in Secondary schools , English medium schools and tertiary level .

4 . In trade

We use English when making transaction with foreigners but we use Kiswahili with local customers .

5 . In administration

Such as Parliament where by both language exist Kiswahili and English .

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